Do you have an opinion about some of the new reproduction and contraception laws but you don’t want to protest by standing outside holding up signs? 

Wondering how you can contact your state’s senator or congress person and have your voice heard?

Well, if holding up posters at a rally isn’t exactly for you, here are some new methods in expressing your opinions that are sweeping the nation:

There is a growing trend right now on Facebook where women are making their displeasure known regarding the various contraception laws by turning their pages into a reproductive “Dear Abby” and asking politicians for medical advice about various vaginal problems.  Some women have even offered politicians updates about their menstrual cycle.

Internet Campaigns:
If you are not facebook savvy, or opt for an anonymous approach to contacting your local politician there might be a website for you. There is a website that offers instructions on how to knit or crochet reproductive organs and send them to your Senator and/or Congress person with a friendly message telling them that they too can have their own set of reproductive organs!

Old Fashioned:
And if neither of these suit you, well there is still the old fashioned way of allowing the female members of Congress petition for you.  There is a “Sisterhood of Lawmakers” that has attempted to pass (often satirical) bills and amendments that offer men the same opportunity to have their reproductive organs under a microscope.

So, whatever your personality there is a method for you in joining this new wave of feminism!


Written by Rita Keeling. Rita is an intern at the Connecticut Women’s Education and Legal Fund.